Innovation Fellowship Programme

The Innovation Fellowship Program focuses on building innovative businesses based on the knowledge, skills, and competencies of the budding entrepreneurs. Institutional support shall be available to form the venture and help to grow the business in a highly professional environment along with plug-and-play facilities, arrangement of seed capital, brand building, community and global marketing etc. Over the course of the time, which shall be minimum of one year and maximum of five years, the Innovation Fellows shall learn, apply, and invent the technology and business innovation methods, tools, and new approaches which shall be embedded in their projects. The Fellows shall focus on ideation, problem-solving, experimenting ethical solutions to a real-life challenge of mankind, society, economy, environment and ecology. They become the ambassador for innovation and enduring positive changes. Only 10 applications will be selected in this batch from highly self-motivated, intelligent, and creative individuals, startups, MSME units. Women applicants shall be given preference. The applications are invited from (1) Under Graduate, (2) Post Graduate (in any discipline), and (3) Doctorate candidates – fresher and experienced. We shall provide them initial training support to generate new and innovative ideas for solving real-life challenge by applying cutting-edge technology and innovative business models. Final selection will be based on the merit to be assessed through online test, performance in workshops, ideation, project conceptualization, business plan etc. The selected candidates shall be a part of the master business program which will be linked with their business from existence to maturity phase over the tenure of Fellowship. The direct services to be enjoyed by the Fellows will be financed under the government schemes.


Frequently Asked Questions



“This is going to be a real paradigm shift for me. Learning about this new and holistic model brought me to think very differently about working with real time problems and solve it through business ventures. I realized that the existing framework for incubation anywhere in our country doesn’t leave much room for thinking outside the box apart from technology and for self-criticism. This means we risk replicating the same mistakes, or not prepare adequately for change. By contrast, the innovation process here allows us to think independently and address problems in a very efficient and timely manner.”
“Initially I used to believe that my idea was brilliant but once I explored this platform, I could understand that my idea alone would not revolutionize my future business. One of the first things I realized after attending the workshops that not to be married to our ideas and to test assumptions before we implement in this complex business dynamics. The learning process so far made me rethink my approaches towards my business.”
“One thing I understood, in order to get sustainable innovations and make your organization better, you do need to focus on mindset and culture. Culture is not something to be dealt with when everything else is done, but it is a foundation of everything. It is about how people work to achieve the goal. I’m confident, the fellowship program will teach me this important aspect of business.”
“The primary focus of this Fellowship Program is on People not on Technology solely. This approach is not only lacking but actually missing in our innovation ecosystem. Technology is just a tool. It’s only the people that can make the real difference. The program is empowering us by developing our leadership qualities, problem-solving skills and decision making abilities.”
"The Innovation Fellowship program which helps build businesses based on knowledge and skills will help me learn to invent new methods,tools and approaches with the help of which i can put them to the best possible use which benefits mankind, the economy and the environment in the best possible way. My mentors with expert skills and knowledge shall teach me to integrate ethics with technology and to invent the solutions to real life challenges which will help reduce risk factors. This program will help us procure risk management skills, leadership qualities and confidence."
“The fellowship program is not about acquiring knowledge but also to convert the knowledge into wealth. One of the main principles with innovation is diversity. So viewing a person, irrespective of their background, from a different perspective, is very important. We all need the perspectives. This program greatly emphasizes on such multi-faceted approach.”
“As I belong to a business family, I can easily understand how difficult it is to start a venture and run it successfully over time. Business at all stages needs some support of professionals as the entrepreneurs are always engaged in day to day affairs of business operations. The fellowship program is offering me shield of knowledge and professional support – from strategy setting to market place. It nurtures my business at this most tender phase. The support I’m receiving is helping a lot to reduce multiple risk factors and protect my business in such a vulnerable juncture.”
“We’re all about change and innovation. I think of myself as part of a new generation entrepreneurs. Slowly but surely as new challenges I’ll solve, I shall have the opportunity to show the world a different success story. My project will not only help myself to rise but also to contribute to my society by adding some value. It will surely give me extreme self satisfaction and make others proud.”